Tuesday, January 17, 2012

College Fund

One of the things I promised myself was when I had children I would open up a college fund for them. Higher education is extremely important to me. I believe that education continues to open up doors for people. I, myself work as an MBA Recruiter for a large organization. I see first hand how important it is to have higher education in order to have a better chance at a successful career, better life etc. My parents were great parents and still are. However, one of the things I wished they had done for me and my brothers is to open up a college fund for us when we were younger.

I believe this would have made it easier for us to make decisions about college and we would have had less to worry about during our college years. So I have opened up a college fund for Mason and will continue to give a portion of my monthly paycheck into the account and deposit a undisclosed amount on every single one of his birthdays. I hope it adds up and he has enough for his college education.

I don't want him to worry about the things I had to worry about when I was in college. I remember I had to work full-time through my college years and it was tough! Are you mommas saving for your little ones?

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