Friday, August 19, 2011

Back at Work!

Hey all. I am finally back at work and it has been great.
What's great is that Mason is with his grandmother's (my mom, mother-in-law) and dad during the day. But we will probably put him in daycare once he turns 1 or closer to 2 years old. He adjusted really well to the transition and even ignores me when I return home from work.

My first day back at work was awesome! My colleagues had a big YAY sign outside of our office door and gave me balloons, welcome back cards and even cleaned my desk. It was so amazing to be back. I did miss my baby boy and kept texting and calling my Mother in law and his dad to send me pics. :)

The only thing I HATE is pumping at work. Ugh - it is the biggest drag but I know I have to continue doing it to keep my supply up for the baby. If you mommas have any tips on how to increase supply during a pump session - let me know because I am only getting about 3 ounces per session which is so odd. Anyway, that's all. Have a great weekend!

Here are pics of my balloons and office door.

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