Monday, April 2, 2012

One Tired Momma

I've been so tired lately. I think it's cause Mason's sleeping patterns have been so off. He's been waking up over 3 to 4 times a night. It's probably cause he's teething and going through a growth spurt. Then I figured out that I stopped playing his white noise machine during the last couple of weeks. I played it last night and he slept so MUCH better. But still I'm sleepy.

This momma thing will get easy one day right? After they're teenagers? I sure hope so. In the meantime, I'm soaking in all of his baby kisses and hugs. I love the way his eyes LIGHT up when I get home and he speed crawls to me.

My little man is doing a ton of growing right now. He's crawling all over the place and can take tiny steps with my help. He's not walking yet. He's super cautious and won't let go of my hands when I'm helping him walk. I love him so much. He's babbling all over the place and wants to eat everything I'm eating but I won't let him cause half of the stuff I've been eating is candy (I know - bad momma). He continues to say Mama, Papa and babbles in sentences.

I read to him every single day, as many as up to 10 tiny books. He loves it. We're even playing with big puzzle pieces he received from his birthday party.

How are your babies doing?

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