Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy 14 Months Baby Mason!

Mason turned 14 months today! We spent the day with my mom and had a wonderful lunch outside and people watched. Mason loved it. After lunch, we were given homemade biscottis and Mason gobbled it up. He still isn't walking yet but I know it's going to happen soon. He's not in any hurry though. He just loves being held. Another thing he learned just last week was to start feeding himself. His dad gave him some cheese puffs and put it towards his mouth and then he started to eat from his chubby little fingers. I was a proud momma. But now he's putting everything in his mouth. This morning I caught him trying to put a penny in his mouth. I quickly told him "coins are not for eating but buying things" and he looked at me and laughed. Here are some pics of him from last night. My husband and I took him out to eat some Chinese food (YUM) and he couldn't get enough of the rice. He almost ate a whole soup bowl to himself. So adorable.

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