Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

HI Mommas! I just want to wish you an early Happy Mother's Day! This weekend my family and I are heading over to Napa Valley, CA to spend some much needed time away soaking up the sun and enjoying some adult beverages. I might even bring Mason in the pool for the VERY.FIRST.TIME since it's so lovely out here. What are you all doing? Whatever it is, have a wonderful time with your adorable babies.


  1. aww, thanks! happy mother's day to you, too! to answer your question from my blog post - we live in a small community within milwaukee, wi. we kinda lucked out on a townhouse rental in a swanky little area, so hence the big houses. it's a nice family neighborhood, too, so we like it. we'd never be able to afford to own a house in our neighborhood, though, so we're enjoying it now. :) i have always wanted to visit san francisco - i hear it's awesome.

  2. Happy Mother's Day Christine!!! Have fun at Napa!