Friday, June 8, 2012

15 Month Dr. Appt.


Mason had his 15 month appointment yesterday and my poor baby was crying during the entire appointment. His Dr. mentioned that most kids are more aware of what's going on during their visit to the Dr. between the ages of 15 to 18 months. Well unfortunately, Mason was VERY AWARE that he was getting shots yesterday because he wouldn't stop crying. He cried when we entered the waiting room, the patient's room and when we walked the long hallway for him to get him weighed. I felt so bad but tried to sweet talk him during the entire time. I told the Dr. that Mason hasn't been walking yet but he's been standing. She mentioned that we have to start pushing him to keep standing and walking. I've been pretty laid back about this and haven't been pushing Mason since I want him to walk when he's ready. My husband and I are going to start "walking" with Mason every day for at least half an hour. I'm hoping he starts walking soon. Anyway, I leave you with some pics from our dr. appt. yesterday.

Oh - I forgot to list his stats.  Here it is:

32 inches
22 lbs

He's growing like a weed and fits into 2 year old clothing already.  :) Pretty soon he'll be heading off to college.

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  1. ruby has her 15 month appt on Friday. I am not lookin forward to the shots, of course. altho, last week she had to get blood drawn to check lead and iron levels and I will admit, I'd rather she get shots than blood drawn. so, I'm trying to look on the positive side. :) she does pretty well the whole time at the doctor, until she sees the nurse that she knows full well gives her the shots. she will literally be playing in the waiting room and as soon as the nurse calls her name, she freaks out. it's actually kinda funny. lol. oh, and ruby isn't walking yet either, really. she has started taking a few steps, up to 6 so far. so we will see when we each have walking babies - not long now, I'm sure! :)