Thursday, May 2, 2013

My First Wittlbee Box review!

Hey All!  I've signed up for a few monthly box subscriptions and I finally received my first one from Wittlebee!  I am absolutely addicted and loved my first box.

I got 10 bucks off my first order so my total was approximately $30 for my first box.  I loved everything I received.  I got to choose 3 items from my showroom and the other 3 were a complete surprise.

It's pretty cool cause you pick out a style profile for your little one and they pick your first 3 items for you and then they email you that your showroom is ready.

My showroom was a bit limited on items so I picked the cutest items out of what I could see.  After you make your selections they ship your box to you and you receive your item within 7 to 10 days.  I received my stuff pretty quickly!

Overall verdict: I love the stuff! I love the surprise and Mason will love everything as the clothing material is so soft and comfortable. If you're interested in signing up and getting $10 off your order, please click here. Thanks!

Check out what I received:

My package was delivered like this which was super cute!

There was a note from the CEO on the package

This is a pair of pants for Mason that was choosen by Wittlebee and made by Violet & Moss.  I couldn't find this on their site but most of their stuff retails at approximately $30+

Choosen by Wittlebee made by Threadless approximately $18+

Choosen by Wittlebee made by Violet & Moss approximately $30+

Choosen by Me from Showroom made by Anvil Organic could not find price online


Wittlebee tee which I chose from my showroom couldn't find pricing

Choosen by me from Cotton Seed



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