Monday, September 23, 2013

Hey All!  If you know me, you know I love Disney.  We took my son to Disneyland during Labor day weekend and he had such a great time.  Although this time around, he was more aware of his surroundings and freaked out on Pirates of the Caribbean and cried as soon as we sat on the boat so we stepped off the ride before we even took off.  In previous visits, Pirates was actually his favorite ride.  He is definitely growing up and becoming very aware of everything around him. 

I was so happy to get a ton of sunshine and take a break from work this time around.  We didn't get to take too much time off during the summer because I'm still pretty new at work and my husband doesn't have much vacation time left.  So we took a full 6 days off work and headed down to sunny So Cal weather. It was so hot while we were down there - about 100 degrees on most days and I just couldn't hang for too long during the hot weather. 

We definitely enjoyed some time at the pool and little Mason loved jumping in the water slides.  I had such a great time and returned to work feeling refreshed, loved and happy.  

Anyway, what did you all do during Labor day weekend?  

Here are some pics from our little getaway. 

Excited for our plane ride.  Mason get's a lolli for being a good traveler. 

View of the park from our hotel room. 

Little Mason loves our view. 

Face plant after jumping on the bed.

These guys were hanging out in our hotel lobby. 

Family pic photo op. 

So happy!  Waiting for our bus ride to Disneyalnd. 

HI Woody!!! I don't think Mason's very interested.  

Mason made some new friends while waiting in line for Casey's train ride. 

Lunch at ESPN zone while trying to escape the heat. 

Uh oh.  Monster's Inc ride broke down on us. 

We got to do a walk through.  Yay! 

Anytime Mason sees a pool, he wants to take off his shirt and jump in. :) 

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