Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dreams for my Son

I've wanted to be a mother for such a long time and when I was FINALLY blessed with baby Mason I was so happy. When I was younger, my parents always told me that anything I could dream of, I could achieve as long as I worked hard for it. I am forever thankful for the way my parents raised me. Now that I'm a mother, I have many dreams,hopes and wishes for my son.

I dream for him to have a happy, healthy long life.
I dream for him to have many many friends and to find happiness in all that he does.
I dream for him to find a career that will not only provide him with stability, success and wealth but also happiness and fulfillment.
I wish that he finds love one day and that she treat him with respect, love and loyalty.
I hope that he is safe from dangers and is protected from ill will.
I hope that he finds this world full of joy and happiness.
I dream for him to have the ability to travel this beautiful world that we live in.
I hope that he has the means to eat whatever he wants.
I dream that one day my son will live in a peaceful world.

I love you son. Lastly, I hope that all of your dreams, hopes and wishes come true.

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