Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Maternity Leave

Honestly, I can say that I am VERY LUCKY to have a career that allows me to take 6 months of maternity leave. But those months have gone by so fast! I return to work in approximately 2 weeks and I feel as if I need more time with my little boy. But, at least I am lucky that he will be taken care of by his daddy since we have opposite work schedules. BUT if I could move to Canada and take advantage of their 1 year of maternity leave (paid with half your income), I would! After all, our babies are only this small for such a short period of time.

Where are you from and how much maternity leave did you have?

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  1. No maternity leave here. :-) My fiance took leave from the army to take care of Layla, then I have been staying home with her since I graduated in May. I'm completely blessed to be able to stay home with her full time. :-)

    I'm from Texas, by the way.