Friday, August 26, 2011

Swim Class?

Hey All - I've been looking at swim classes for Mason so when he turns 6 months we can start taking the classes. I'll always remember when my teacher in elementary school informed us that the earth is made up of 75% water and how terrified I was because I didn't know how to swim!

Thankfully, in high school I was forced to take a swim class to pass the swim test which was needed for us to graduate from high school. Since I learned to swim at an an older age I know now that it would be better for Mason to learn how to swim sooner rather than later. So that leads me to the present time where I am researching swim classes for my little boy.

I've checked out La Petite Baleen swim classes but they seem rather pricey and the classes appear to be hit or miss depending on what teacher you are assigned.

Any moms out there in SF or the peninsual have suggestions? If so, it would be great!

Have a good weekend.

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