Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Treats

Hey All!   I hope you had a great lovely weekend with your friends and loved ones.  I am still recovering from my weekend.  We try to pack in as much fun time with my little one because we want him be able to enjoy as much outdoor time with us.  During the week, he's usually cooped indoors and has some outdoor time but not as much as we would like. So on the weekends, we spend as much time outside of the house as a family. 

We took Mason swimming and he was in LOVE.  I try not to dunk his head under water because he hates it.  But I definitely want him to get used to the water.  We are planning to make a weekly visit to the pool during the year and hopefully Mason will learn how to swim by the time he's 3.   We're planning to enroll him in weekly lessons next year as the swimming lessons near our home are targeted for those 3 and over.   Here's a pic of Mason in the pool this weekend.  He looks a bit concerned but believe me he was having a grand time! 

He did not want to get out of that pool and kept wanting to jump in but I told him that we would return next week and he quieted down a bit. 

Another thing Mason and I have been doing a lot is drawing on the sidewalk and wall with chalk.  Whenever we visit his grandma's house I let him write all over one of their walls.  My mother-in-law decorated my one of the walls in her house with chalkboard paint which is so awesome because Mason LOVES it.  He gets to draw on the wall as much as he wants and just be a kid.  I think we might have to do this to his room soon so he can just draw as much as possible. 

Great idea right?  Mason loves it. I will definitely have to try this out in our home. 

How was your weekend?  What did you do?  

Oh by the way,  We stopped by a candy store after lunch this weekend and I picked up this new candy bar: 

It was a $7 candy bar but it was definitely one of a kind.  It was good and the chocolate would pop in your mouth kind of like pop rocks.  Cool right?  have you tried this before?  What did you think? 

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