Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend hangover

Hi Moms!  I had to literally drag myself into work this morning. 
I had such a nice relaxing weekend except for some parts which I will not write about on a public blog. 

The weather was gorgeous here and my friends and I took our kids out to what is now becoming one of my favorite hang outs here. 
Mason loves it there too because he has such a huge area to wander about.  I love hanging out with my girlfriends because we get to b*tch about the happenings in our lives and share whatever wonderful news we have going on.   

On Sunday, Mason and I woke up super early so we trekked over to  the mall close to home and were the first customers in Target.  Mason LOVED it and we walked around the entire store giggling and running around with joy. He was so happy.  I love the way he sees everything and it allows me to take a step back and experience some things as if I was experiencing it for the first time. 

We also got to enjoy a lovely brunch and I indulged in some much needed mimosas. 

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